Jonathan, Celestin, Léa, Barbara, et Wen-Yu: Potatoes | Fish - Kagoshima - Japan

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Jonathan, Celestin, Léa, Barbara, et Wen-Yu


Fish - Kagoshima - Japan

lat.: 130.550000, long.: 31.600000

About the work

Linda Haringthan makes us traveling for the first time with a sound experience. Thanks to the surveillance camera in the factory of potatoes at Marshfield, Linda created a repetitive movement of sound and give us impression that the potatoes wanted to escape of this industrialisation to go back to their naturel world: “Times change, industrialisation takes the power and agriculture changed. Through this creation of sound, we return to nature with these potatoes, but after all, their travel stops in the large distribution and then in our plates. Enjoy your meal, said Linda, with a big smile during an interview

About the artist

Linda Haringthan is born in 1990 in the countryside of Marshfield in US. She studied photography in Falmouth University. The young self-taught artist doing well in her field: photography. She defines her work as industrial poetry. She participated in many expositions in abandoned factories. Her work reports industrialization in agriculture and installation of factories in the wild landscapes. Certain photographies are self-published in the small artworks and in some magazines like “National Geographic”, “Image and Nature”, she was interviewed for the magazine “Flow kiosque.

ESADTPM (École supérieure d'art et de design Toulon Provence Méditerranée)